“#TheEliminator @noshdetox this awesome army of antioxidants have sorted me right out of afternoon dip” @TheMiniPost 

8 Reasons To Do a Nosh Juice Fast

1. Maintains high energy levels – all our juices contain fibre & fruit pulp which takes the body hours to break down. 

2. Helps your body go back to its natural balance by detoxifying and cleansing from inside out. 

3. Increases the metabolic rate, i.e. helps to digest food quickly and eliminate waste material deeply. 

4. Retrains your body and improves your overall dietary patterns. 

5. Stops cravings. You cannot do a juice fast and crave anything sweet straight after.

6. Weight loss of 5 – 6 pounds within days for most people. Perfect after your Christmas treats. 

7. Release of toxins to enable cleanse on the programme. 

8. Weight loss continues after the end of our programme. This is due to resetting your body and eating healthier food.

Nosh 6 Day Alkalise Balance & Cleanse (ABC) Programme – Detox Season Offer

“Thank you so much for the food. Not only does it taste insanely good, but I am amazed at how satisfied it is leaving me. The service means that I can enjoy the plan whether I am at home or abroad and the support from the Nosh Detox team means the nutritionists and chefs are constantly tweaking and adapting my programme depending on my schedule – there is no doubt that this is the final piece of the puzzle to my training!” 

Hannah White Sailor, Adventurer, Guinness Book of World Records

This programme works on so many levels.

  • You can say goodbye to your Christmas potbelly in just 6 days!
  • Feel full all day with balanced, alkaline meals 
  • No thinking needed - highly nutritious food delivered to your door 
  • A healed digestive system and a stronger immune system 
  • Lose 3 to 4 pounds in a week



This programme will help you to lose weight and cleanse your entire system using healthy food & juices in combination. 

Fitamin Infusion




The Fitamin drip provides a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help support and strengthen the immune system and boost your energy when feeling tired, exhausted and irritable. Also, an ideal solution if you’re surrounded by illness, and can’t afford the time to be caught by a cold! 

I personally take the Fitamin Drip because I find the benefits outweigh my fear of needles! [I know, I know, don’t tell anyone, but I am a total wuss when it comes to sharp painful things] Benefits I have found:


  • Immune Boosting, 
  • Energy Surge 
  • Glowing skin 
  • Deep sleep
  • Clear thinking

Some Facts: 

The health benefits of vitamins include their ability to prevent and treat various diseases including heart problems, high cholesterol levels, eye disorders, and skin disorders. 

Most vitamins also facilitate many of the body’s mechanisms and perform functions which are not performed by any other nutrients. 

Vitamins can be consumed in a variety of ways. Most common vitamins are acquired through the foods we eat, but depending on your cultural or cuisine traditions, it is possible to be low in some natural vitamin intake. 

A multivitamin is often considered one of the best options for improving the overall balance of your body, particularly if you have a job or a lifestyle that frequently causes you to miss meals, eat at strange times, or eat the same food very often.

Test Your Toxicity & Mineral Deficiencies

The OligoScan test is the most innovative testing methodology with the fastest turnaround of results available anywhere in the world. The technology is an invaluable screening tool for actual tissue levels of minerals and heavy metals as opposed to other testing which is only indicative of what is being pulled out of that particular vector.

  • Simple use – the measurement is taken directly by a portable spectrometer connected to a computer. 
  • Certified technology – the technology is based on spectroscopy. A rapid and pain-free analysis without taking blood. 
  • Quick results – evaluation of trace minerals reserves, the level of oxidative stress and toxic metals. 



Why is it better than other tests? 

Hair Test - you are testing not only the cells but also the chemicals used in your hair products. Blood Test - you test only what the body stores in blood. Generally, the body stores heavy metals everywhere but the blood. So standard blood tests do not allow testing of heavy metals, or oxidative stress. 

The data collected by the OligoScan is invaluable and works as a precious prevention tool.

We measure your mineral status, key mineral ratios, heavy metal levels, mobilization of those metals and overall oxidative stress. You get results in under a minute and we are able to help you to read and understand those tests to create a clear plan of action.  


"I am on day 3 of the juice fast and all is going wonderfully. I am just drinking my Principle 1 of the day which is the coconut milk, pineapple, bananas etc etc — it is so delicious and really comforting — I wondered if it might be possible to include one again? It is super yummy!" 

- Priya Thukral 


"I was General Manager at Champneys for many years and this is the best detox I have ever done. I lost 6lb. Even after an extremely busy week I was up early on the weekend and went through my day with a great deal of energy." 

-Gillie Turner, General Manager Hurlingham Clinic 

“Everyone, including myself, was completely delighted with the meal you provided. It was delicious and people were raving about it!” 

- LaRue E. 

"I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed my 9 days with Nosh. The food was delicious and varied and I was surprised that during this time I didn't crave a single food item. I feel notably better and definitely trimmer as a result of this experience. I would happily recommend Nosh to anyone in need of a detox or to lose weight". 

 - Anuja. W

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